Case Study – Church Road Farms

church_road_farms_image_1In August, 2007, Church Road Farms (CRF) contracted ENERSAVE to engineer, design, control and assist in installation of a freon refrigeration package for a 240,000 bushel, 12 room refrigerated storage facility in Williamson NY using 200 horse power of compressor. In August of 2008 Church Road Farms added another 240,000 bushel storage building adjacent to the first without increases in compressor room capacity because of the efficiency of the ENERSAVE Control Program. For the 7 month cooling period of October, 2008 thru April, 2009 the facility cooled 460,000 bushel of fruit for .47 kilowatts per bushel. The months of January and February, 2008 CRF cooled the facility for .03 kilowatts per bushel per month. This is 5 to 8 times less power than most conventionally designed and controlled storage (see CRF Utility Comparison). The owner of CRF is paying 1/5 of his originally projected and budgeted cost for power consumption and, because of the ENERSAVE Control System efficiency, will be able to add another 200,000 bushel to the system in the future without the need to increase compressor room capacity.