Case Study – Jack Brown Produce

jbp00Jack Brown Fruit Storage (JBP) is a 270,000 bushel product storage and large fruit packing facility. JBP contracted ENERSAVE in May, 2002 to install the ENERSAVE Refrigeration Control System (RCS). ENERSAVE combined multiple cooling zones, multiple buildings and 1 fruit grading line under one RCS. The RCS offsets the grading line demand with “zone waiting” technology. The compressor rooms are individually matched with their cooling zones to provide peak efficiency. All ENERSAVE RCS designs are unique to the customer served.

jack_brown_produce_2In 2009 JBP added a separate 250,000 bushel storage facility comprising 17 rooms of atmosphere controlled storage. ENERSAVE designed, built and installed the building’s Freon refrigeration package complete. Pictured is the new facility and the ENERSAVE designed, built and installed compressor system. One of the unique system designs uses a refrigeration heat reclaim coil installed in the defrost water storage tank and incorporated into the refrigeration system to cool the compressors and heat the water providing an incredibly efficient water defrost system. The RCS is operating this new building at .04 to .05 kilowatts per bushel for the months of December, 09 and January, 2010. Comparative systems in the area operated at .2 to .35 kilowatts per bushel in the same months. Use our worksheet PDF to find out your storage cost per bushel.

jack_brown_produce_1We have been documenting and charting the electrical utility use at JBP starting in 1999, three years before installation (see JBP Savings). Before the ENERSAVE installation JBP had a 4 year average of 1.15 million kilowatt hours of use and 3,090 kilowatts of demand per year. After the ENERSAVE installation JBP has maintained a 6 year average of .72 million kilowatt hours of use and 2,040 kilowatts of demand per year. We have charted and continue to chart Jack Brown Produce’s electrical utility use and demand.