Case Study – NFG

Norfolk Fruit Growers (NFG), Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. 1,000,000 bushel product storage and large fruit packing facility. NFG contracted ENERSAVE in November, 2004 to install the ENERSAVE Refrigeration Control System (RCS). ENERSAVE combined 63 cooling rooms, 4 compressor rooms and 1 fruit grading line from 3 separate buildings under one RCS. The RCS offsets the grading line demand with “zone waiting” technology. The compressor rooms are individually matched with their cooling zones to provide peak efficiency. All ENERSAVE RCS designs are unique to the customer served.

Before the ENERSAVE installation Norfolk had a 3 year average of 3.65 million kilowatt hours of use and 7,450 kilowatts of demand per year (see NFG Savings). After the ENERSAVE installation Norfolk has maintained a 4 year average of 2.82 million kilowatt hours of use and 6,180 kilowatts of demand per year. We continue to monitor and chart Norfolk’s electrical utility uses.