Energy Use

The cost worksheet (see Worksheet) provides a simplified format for potential customers to learn how efficient their existing refrigeration systems are compared with an ENERSAVE controlled system. The worksheet will indicate refrigeration system costs in kilowatt-hours (KWH)/bushel over a 7 month period from October through April (average storage season for apples).

Sections A and B of the worksheet isolate the three largest loads in a typical apple storage facility: the Nitrogen Generation System, the Apple Grading System and the Refrigeration System. A more in-depth description of these worksheet sections as well as the remaining three sections is presented below.

Section A: totals all nitrogen generator usage. Add nitrogen generator horsepower and multiply by the approximate number of hours the generators ran during the 7 month period.

Section B: computes use of the apple grader by multiplying the number of bushels run over the grader (during the 7 month period) by .25. The resulting figure is approximately how many KWH were used by the grader. If there is no apple grader put in 0 for the KWH in Section B.

Section C: totals KWH as recorded by the customer’s utility company throughout the 7 month period.

Section D: calculates how many KWH were used for refrigeration by subtracting the sum of the Nitrogen Generator KWH (Section A) and the Grader KWH (Section B) from the utility company total KWH (Section C).

Section E: computes the KWH/bushel by dividing the refrigeration system KWH (Section D) by the total number of bushels stored in the facility.