ENERSAVE System Overview

Standard Control

system1System 1 shows a basic eight-room refrigeration system with properly matched compressors. The room temperatures are controlled by individual thermostats which turn on respective solenoid valves. Energizing the solenoid valves introduces cooling to the room coils and increases pressure on the refrigeration system. The pressure switches, located on each of the respective compressors, sense the increase and turn on the amount of compressors needed to keep up with the rising system pressure. With this system, any number of rooms can turn on at any given time, causing many inefficient combinations of room and compressors operating together. Such inefficiencies drive up operational run times and, in turn, electrical utility costs.

Control Using ENERSAVE

ENERSAVE-controlWe control energy use and demand for System 1 by interrupting the temperatures, cooling solenoids, zone fans and compressors with the ENERSAVE Control System (as shown in the ENERSAVE Control diagram). Cooling zone temperatures are monitored in the ENERSAVE Controller via touch screen technology. The ENERSAVE program prioritizes the zones from most to least in need of cooling, computes how many zones need to run together for optimum cooling and allows only that amount to run at one time along with the matching compressor load. Efficiently run refrigeration systems have the advantage of much lower operating costs, less maintenance (lower run times mean less hours of machine operation) and increased cooling capacity.